Rep. Gaetz Says He Can Show Biden Is Corrupt

The left wing is obviously trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat in order to impeach President Trump.

But Rep. Matt Gaetz isn’t interested in silly tricks. He’s making his case and he’s looking right at Hunter Biden.

When Gaetz spoke before the U.S. House this Thursday, he reminded the room that in order to be impeached on abuse of power charges, the Democrats have to show Trump had “no reasonable basis” to inquire about Biden or Burisma.

But why wouldn’t Trump inquire as to why Burisma was paying $86,000 a month to a guy who “could not resolve his own disputes with Hertz rental car over leaving cocaine and a crack pipe in the car.”

“It is just hard to believe this was the guy, wandering through homeless encampments buying crack, that was worth $86,000 a month to Burisma Holdings…This is why the minority hearing issue is so important. It’s because we have the ability to show Burisma is corrupt.”

Never one to miss a moment to be witty, Gaetz even did a Joe Biden impression do describe his disdain for the situation.  “Come on, man. This looks dirty, ’cause it is,” Gaetz said.

According to Gaetz, Biden could be the smoking gun that destroys the impeachment proceeding.

“We have the ability to show that Hunter Biden is corrupt,” Gaetz said. 

It’s unfortunate partisan shenanigans are controlling the hearing rather than a fair attempt to discover the truth.

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