BREAKING: Joe Biden Named In Child Rape Lawsuit

In a stunning development, Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, is claiming President Joe Biden is aiding the very worst of criminals.

According to a Breitbart News report, “President Joe Biden’s ‘sanctuary country’ orders have helped release from jail illegal aliens accused of sexual assault of a child and domestic violence.”

“Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration — seeking a preliminary injunction — alleging that the sanctuary country orders, among other complaints, violate federal immigration law,” notes Breitbart.

In support of its motion, Florida provided several emails from ICE officials to Florida corrections officers. In those emails, ICE officials refused to take custody of criminal aliens who were scheduled to be released from prison — and they admitted that their only reason for doing so was the challenged memos.

Defendants have admitted that many of these aliens are subject to § 1226(c), and the behavior of these aliens is disturbing. One has repeatedly engaged in burglary and grand theft. Another is an aggravated stalker. And several have serious drug convictions, including selling and trafficking drugs like cocaine and amphetamine.

Florida provided other examples of aliens who, while not subject to § 1226(c), demonstrate the reckless nature of the challenged memos, and show that the memos apply to those in local custody, not just state custody. In Pasco County, for example, ICE has allowed the release of aliens accused of sexual assault of a minor and domestic violence (in that case, while the victim’s young children watched).

President Biden’s progressive, open-border policies are not for the good of America. This must stop.

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  4. Biden is permitting criminal acts to be perpetrated by child molesters, rapist, human traffickers, enriching cartels, abusing border security and dereliction of enforcing immigration law…The charge against him should stand since he is responsible for enforcing immigration law by legal requirement…Either he enforce the law to prevent this human trafficking abuse and putting American citizens in danger or step down as POTUS or be impeached and removed for dereliction of duty……No captcha

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