Biden Gets Brutally Roasted By Surprising Critic

The stars of The View on ABC spent much of the past four years poking Donald Trump — but Meghan McCain just blasted Joe Biden after only one day of him in office.

McCain outed Biden for his sickening hypocrisy after the new president mandated mask-wearing, but was seen flouting his own rule.

“We have President Biden yesterday, him and his family, they’re not wearing masks after mandating and requiring people to wear masks on federal property,” McCain said, according to Breitbart. “He and his family were not wearing masks out. So again, I think the rules for thee, but not for me that have been going on for a long time in the Trump administration…now you’re seeing with President Biden. I was really disappointed he wasn’t wearing a mask.”

If hypocrisy and elitism are disappointing, then get used to disappointment.

Speaking Friday, McCain also called out White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci and even Amazon for their sudden reversal of positions on Day One of Biden’s administration.

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