Sen. Cotton Makes Statement About Biden Family Confession

Republican Senator Tom Cotton just released a huge announcement about Biden family corruption.

Cotton has had enough of the canned denials and said it’s time for the family to “come clean.”

“[T]he Biden family needs to come clean,” said Cotton continued. “They need to explain exactly what Hunter Biden has been up to, and they need to let the American people get to the bottom of it. It’s why the media should have addressed these things before the election as opposed to trying to bury any news that would reflect poorly on Joe Biden and his family practice of profiting off his public office.”

Cotton’s comments come after Joe Biden for the first time even acknowledged that his son was under investigation. Biden has been ignoring questions and refusing to address the issue.

“He may be confident in his son, but I don’t think many of the American people are,” said Cotton of Biden’s silence.

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