BREAKING: Joe Biden NAILED In Socialist Conspiracy – Congress Reveals Shocker

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana, recently appeared on Fox News to uncover some of the dirty truths about our fearless leader, Joe Biden.

Scalise’s biggest problem with Biden is that his whole campaign and presidency has been a massive trojan horse operation. Biden ran as a moderate, telling America he wasn’t Bernie Sanders, but has turned into “the most far-left big government socialist in the history of the country.”

“You know, how about we start with President Biden actually following through on the things he promised when he ran as a candidate? He didn’t run saying he was going to be the most far-left big government socialist in the history of our country. He said he was going to work with everybody. Remember that? Work with Republicans and Democrats. He gets a flat-out ‘F’ on that report card score because he’s not working with Republicans on any of the big agenda items. In fact, he still, to this day, has not met with the House Republican leadership. We as a team have not met with him a single time, even though we’ve requested multiple meetings on a lot of these challenges, how to secure the border, how to lower inflation, how to lower energy costs, how to address supply chain crisis. For goodness’ sake, people are trying to get their Christmas gifts, and they still can’t even find them because they’re sitting out on a tanker somewhere in the Pacific Ocean because of this president’s failed policies.”

Even the things Biden is honest about are not going smoothly, so throw his constant lies on top of that? We simply can’t trust Joe.

“On every front, he’s not followed through on the promises he made to families,” Scalise concluded. “That’s why his numbers are so low. People don’t like the fact that … frankly, he’s just cut this deal with the far left, and that’s all he cares about. You know, if the Squad and the big-government socialists say jump five feet, he is going to try to jump five feet. He’s not going to try to work with those of us that want to solve these big, big crises that are hurting hardworking families.”

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