Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted Over Corruption Allegations

Bad news for the nation of Israel: the forces against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally landed a massive blow. He has been indicted for bribery by the attorney general of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly asked for extensive favorable media coverage from an organization run by his close friend – the same firm he also helped via a push for regulatory changes that substantially benefited the company. Prosecutors are claiming this was a form of bribery.

This isn’t exactly a Benghazi-level scandal, but it’s still not good – if it did, in fact, occur.

That said, can you imagine what would happen in the U.S. if this was the standard for bringing criminal indictments against politicians?

Joe Biden and his son Hunter would be indicted over the Ukraine debacle.

Barack Obama would have been indicted over the IRS discrimination scandal.

Hillary Clinton would have been indicted over probably a hundred actual crimes, including countless felonies for lying and covering up deaths with Benghazi-gate alone. Seriously.

But, of course, it won’t happen. The rule of law isn’t the same for powerful leftists. They use the law, not as a tool for justice, but as a weapon for politics. And that’s a national shame.

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