Ben Shapiro: Biden Will Eventually Have To Answer a Real Human

Although he gave Joe Biden decent marks for his nomination speech at the Democrat Nation Convention, conservative pundit and best selling author Ben Shapiro says Biden still has a huge problem ahead of him.

Biden can’t keep hiding from real questions.

“It was a pretty good showing for Biden,” said Shapiro. “But the problem for Biden is that sometime between now and the election he will have to face another live human being asking him a question.”

Shapiro is referring, of course, to the months of Biden answering no questions or pre-planned softball questions from adoring media members who have admittedly endorsed him against Donald Trump.

That’s exactly why Biden was able to talk about Trump’s leadership without discussing China, violence in Portland and Seattle or other issues that a presidential candidate should have to wrestle with.

To learn more about Shapiro’s comments, click here.

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