Arizona Teachers Fraudulently Claim To Be Sick In Order To Keep From Teaching

In an effort to show their commitment to education, Arizona teachers reportedly planned a “sick out” where they would claim to be sick even though they were not — all in an effort to make a protest about reopening the schools.

Please tell me more about how noble these pretenders are. Please tell me more about how fortunate our children are to have them as leaders. Please feel the sarcasm in my words.

I look forward to the students returning the same “courage” when they don’t show up out of deference to the flavor of the political protest of the week.

According to Reuters:

Inspired by Black Lives Matter demonstrations, hundreds of Arizona teachers … are putting on red t-shirts they last wore in a 2018 strike and driving around cities in cars daubed with slogans like: “Remote learning won’t kill us but COVID can!”

With “motor marches” spreading to other coronavirus-hit sunbelt states, including Florida, and counter demonstrators organizing “reopen” rallies, the fight over the new school year is fast becoming America’s new protest flashpoint.

To read more about how teachers are pretending to be sick to keep from educating America’s kids, click here.

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