Texas GOP Chair Makes Shocking Announcement About Secession

In the wake of a bombshell Supreme Court decision, a top official within the Texas Republican Party has made a stunning announcement that could change the makeup of the United States.

Allen West, a former congressman and the chair of the Texas GOP, suggested over the weekend that some states should consider secession as a solution to a mass rejection of law and order and constitutional principles.

West’s comments came after the SCOTUS threw out his state’s recent challenge to the results of the 2020 elections.

“The Supreme Court, in tossing the Texas lawsuit that was joined by 17 states and 106 U.S. congressmen, has decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violate its own election law, resulting in damaging effects on other states that abide by the law, while the guilty state suffers no consequences,” West said, according to Breitbart.

West argued that the Supreme Court’s rejection of the case sets “a precedent that says states can violate the U.S. Constitution and not be held accountable.”

“This decision will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic,” he added, as Breitbart reported. “Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution.”

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