Tucker Carlson: America Is Surrendering To The Rioters

Americans should bravely resist the violent and criminal rioters, according to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

“What is happening to this country?” the conservative host asked during his Wednesday program, according to Breitbart. “Why are Americans surrendering to violent mobs? Well, because they’ve been told they have to. Everything we’re watching — the looting, the arson, the killing — has a purpose. The purpose we are told again and again is to end racist police violence against African-Americans. We’re told that is the single greatest scourge in this country.”

But Carlson said it seemed many political leaders are “exhilarated” by the costly and dangerous riots.

“So many of our leaders, by contrast, seem exhilarated,” Carlson said. “They feel nothing as our nation descends into anarchy. They see chaos as an opportunity — a chance to solidify their control — to increase their market share, to win elections.”

While the media and left select footage to advance their narratives, Carlson says the truth is getting left behind.

“They have no interest in talking about the details of what’s actually happening in our street,” he said. “In fact, they’re hiding those details. They’re demanding that you forget what you saw. Don’t forget it. Remember it all, every bit, because it’s proof of who they are.”

To read all of Carlson’s comments on the riots, click here.

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