White House: America Experiencing Huge Economic Gains

It’s the Christmas season and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is serving up her usual dose of holiday whine.

Yes, I spelled that right.

While AOC continues to lament that America is a terrible place to be a worker, the facts prove that she is dead wrong.

In a recent interview, White House Deputy Director of Communications Adam Kennedy unleashed a bombshell that completely turned AOC’s absurd lies on their heads. According to Breitbart, he said:

One of the things this economy has really been spectacular at is making sure that people who used to be left behind in previous economies — people without college degrees, people who come from more martial backgrounds — have seen some of the biggest gains.

The left wants to claim Trump’s economy is terrible, and then when they are proven wrong, they claim it’s only good for the rich. But the numbers don’t lie. The economy has been booming for people from the top to bottom of the economic spectrum.

“In manufacturing, the non-supervisory positions — the people who are actually on the floor doing the work — have received the highest wage gains,” Kennedy said.

AOC knows her socialistic dream depends on convincing everyday workers that their lives are terrible and complete government control would make them all happier, but the truth is: a free market is always a better option.

Capitalism has rescued more from poverty than socialism ever has. And the past three years with Donald Trump in the White House is just more proof of that simple reality.

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