Alec Baldwin Thinks Donald Trump Would Use Military To Stop Election

Alec Baldwin has really gone off the deep end. He’s now pushing the absurd idea that President Donald Trump is actually planning to use the military to cancel the election.

Ooookay, buddy. Might need to slow down on that Trump Derangement Kool-aid.

“The ‘police’ activity in Portland, and lack of outrage over/resistance to it tells us how Trump could stop the election in November,” tweeted Baldwin. “It’s his only hope.”

Baldwin is referring to Trump using federal law enforcement to apprehend violent bad actors. The left has tried to characterize them as non-violent protesters, but that is not the case.

“Let’s get this right,” said Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf. “‘Protestors’ imply they were peacefully exercising their 1st amendment rights. Instead, DHS officers were assaulted with lasers and frozen water bottles from violent criminals attempting to tear down federal property. 2 officers were injured. Facts matter.”

To read more about the federal action taken in Portland and Alec Baldwin’s wild overreaction, click here.

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