Adam Schiff Says Donald Trump Responsible For 130,000 Deaths

Adam Schiff is a manipulating, desperate deceiver who is already lacking in credibility. One would think his humiliating propensity to tell untruths during the failed impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump would be a lesson he would remember.

Alas, it seems it wasn’t.

According to Breitbart, Schiff is now attempting to get media airtime by claiming Donald Trump is responsible for a large number of deaths — 130,000+, in fact.

I know it’s absurd. But that seems to be Schiff’s only play for political relevance — so the more absurd, the better.

“During [the prior attempt at] impeachment, we warned that if [Republicans] left [Trump] in office knowing that he’d committed impeachment offenses, that the damage he could do between now and Election Day could be severe,” Schiff said in a Sunday appearance on ABC. “Here we are now, 130,000 Americans dead. We had no idea just how bad the damage would be, but nonetheless we knew the damage would be grave,” he added, referring to deaths caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schiff will continue to spew his craziness because the mainstream media laps it up like it’s the Fountain of Youth. But America knows better.

And Schiff will know it as well come November.

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