BREAKING: California ATTACKED – 70 Percent Are…

Three weeks ago, there was but a single omicron infection in all of California. About 20 days later, up to 70% of COVID-19 cases across the entire state are the omicron variant, according to reports released Dec. 23.

The Associated Press reports that omicron is present in 50%-70% of new coronavirus cases in California, the state with America’s largest population.

As of Dec. 22, at least 4,969,615 Californians have tested positive for the virus. Of those, 1,585,313 cases have been in Los Angeles County alone. The number of omicron patients in LA County has nearly tripled in the last week, up to 8,633 as of the latest count.

California and New York are constantly battling over which has the honor of being the most liberal state in the union. So that raises the question: If liberals are so smart, then why is California getting worse in terms of COVID cases, while Florida is getting better at an incredible pace?

Perhaps it’s because the scare tactics and fearmongering from the liberal elite aren’t quite as effective as they had hoped they would be.

Or maybe they just haven’t given out enough tacos yet…

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