PETITION: Cut Pay For Congress [SIGN HERE]

The American Republican system of government was designed to be ruled by citizen statesmen who wanted to serve the people – not career politicians who get rich off the backs of taxpayers.

“Politics” was not designed to be a career; it was expected to be a calling.

The average American household makes $59,000 per year. The average congressperson makes almost 3 times that amount – and that’s before you count pensions and premium health care plans.

It’s time to put an end to wasteful spending in Congress. We can start with cutting congressional salaries to the level of ordinary Americans. Politicians shouldn’t be in office to make money. They should be in office to serve.

Do you support cutting salaries for members of Congress? If so, please sign your name immediately – and pass this message on to friends and family to help the movement.



Thank you!

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