Wow: Ben Carson Comes Forward – Trump Is Stunned

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson, has come forward with a major announcement. President Trump and Americans nationwide are stunned.

Carson recently visited California and made a shocking discovery — many cities are on the verge of an “epidemic” when it comes to the heartbreaking condition of homeless people in the state. Los Angeles has an estimated 60,000 homeless alone.

Carson said, “My preference, obviously, is to work with the state. But what we’re concerned about are the conditions. And these are conditions that … can foster an epidemic, if we’re not careful.”

He continued: “And then, after that occurs, what will everybody be saying? How come you guys didn’t do anything? You knew all this was going on?”

Specifically, Carson is concerned that the living conditions are unhealthy and could result in the spread of disease. He is calling for government and private entities to work together to find better housing for homeless individuals and families.

Much to the chagrin of Democrats, he does not agree that even more low-quality, government-provided housing is the answer; it is part of the problem. Instead, the issue needs to be addressed in a creative way to actually improve people’s lives and preserve public health.

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