BREAKING: Democrats Scandal Explode – Worse Than Trump Said…

Democrats across the nation are growing increasingly frustrated that America has caught on to what a toxic and harmful culture is thriving within the Democrat Party.

Pushing wokism, open border, police defunded, and vaccine mandates has had a really negative impact on their brand’s popularity.

The latest push from more common-sense liberals to abandon these communist demands comes after recent polling shows that rural America has soured on the Democratic Party, maybe to the point of no return.

Representative Jim Cooper from Tennessee told the Associated Press that the Democratic Party is “facing extinction in rural America.”

“It’s hard to sink lower than we are right now. You’re almost automatically a pariah in rural areas if you have a D after your name.”

That’s because the woke liberals like AOC, Nancy, AOC, Omar, and Kamala barely even know rural areas of America exist, and have ignored these citizens for so long that the citizens have finally decided to return the favor.

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