BREAKING: Florida Drops Bombshell On Woke Disney – HAHA

Disney is getting what it deserves.

The Florida House of Representatives has passed a bill stripping Disney of its self-governing status.

The move is expected to have millions and millions and millions of dollars of tax implications for Disney, who are facing the backlash they deserve after they actively spoke out saying that they were disappointed six-year-olds in public schools will no longer be engaging in sexual conversations with teachers.

The bill that liberals are calling the “Don’t say gay” bill (even though there’s nothing in the law about not saying “gay”) prevents adults from pushing children toward homosexuality or transgenderism before they enter fourth grade.

Liberals want to corrupt young minds as early as possible, so of course they went bananas.

Unfortunately, Disney was more concerned about scoring brownie points with the woke mob than taking the time to think about sexualizing children.

Actions have consequences. Disney is finding that out the hard way.

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