Witness Comes Forward… It Was Comey

In a bombshell announcement, George Papadapoulos says Comey’s FBI was spying on him during his time with President Donald Trump’s administration.

In an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News, Papadapoulos said his then-girlfriend, now wife was asked to wear a wire and attempt to entrap him. She refused.

He also said he was asked by officials whether he had transcripts of meetings he had during that time.

He took that question to mean that the FBI–then led by Comey–had such transcripts, which would indicate that Papadapoulos had been spied on by Comey and the FBI.

Papadapoulos also indicated that Trump’s administration had evidence of the spying and that it would be a “bombshell” in the near future, which delighted Ingraham.

After a two-year investigation yielded no evidence that could be used to charge Trump with collusion or obstruction, the investigation has turned on the investigators with the appointment of special counsel John Durham to investigate the origins of the Mueller investigation into Trump.

Watch the full video here.

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