BREAKING: Joe Biden BUSTED In Anti-America Energy Scandal – Putin Grinning…

For some reason, Joe Biden remains committed to the Green New Deal. At least, he’s in love with the portions that require him to keep sending $70 MILLION per day to Putin’s war effort because Russia provides us with oil.

And why are we paying Russia’s war bills? Because Joe and the rest of the liberals here won’t use our own oil.

That’s right. They’d rather send $70,000,000 to Russia daily than create jobs right here in America’s economy.

Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, has seen quite enough of Joe’s energy plan. It’s not going to work. It’s time to reverse course.

“It’s time to reverse course here,” Cotton began. “If gas was still at $2.10 a gallon — not at $3.60 a gallon — we would have a lot more freedom of action to stand up against Putin.”

“You see them continuing to double down on the tenets of the Green New Deal while they’re also taking steps to continue to reduce our nuclear power sources. You know, just last week they reversed a permit that would extend the life of a nuclear power plant in Florida. That’s the exact opposite we should be doing. In addition to opening up federal lands for new leases, as they put a new moratorium on just last week in the middle of this war, we should be building more nuclear power plants here. We should be building them in Europe as well. We should be taking urgent steps.”

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