Whoa: Trump Makes Shock Supreme Court Decision

The Trump administration has filed a brief requesting that the Supreme Court overturn an extreme anti-gun New York City ordinance.

In a twist, the city responded that any ruling will be “moot” because the disputed ordinance is already set to be repealed and replaced with a less strict version.

Current New York City law bans license gun owners from transporting their firearms to any location other than seven authorized gun ranges, and makes it illegal to take their guns outside city limits.

Solicitor General Noel Francisco told the Court that these restrictions prevent gun owners from using their firearms “for many of the purposes that the right to keep and bear arms is meant to serve.”

While the particular case may be moot, the justices’ ruling could potentially impact other Second Amendment cases around the country.

“In this case,” Francisco argued, “text, history, and tradition definitively establish the unconstitutionality of the city’s near-total ban on the transportation of handguns outside the home.”

Read the full story here.

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