Whoa: Kamala Harris REVERSAL Stuns Supporters

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) just stunned her supporters with this shocking reversal. She has betrayed the liberal voters she pledged allegiance to for months.

Even though Harris co-sponsored the disastrous ‘Medicare for All’ plan by fellow presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, she has changed her turn when speaking to wealthy donors as she drops in the polls.

Yes, Harris’s numbers have plummeted in recent days since the last Democratic debate — she is apparently now looking for a way to hang on. This is clearly why she just told donors, “I have not been comfortable with Bernie’s plan.”

But will the real Harris please stand up? In addition to once supporting Sanders’ specific proposal, she gave a full-throated defense of ‘Medicare for All’ and eliminating private insurance.

Harris said: “You don’t have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, having them give you approval, going through the paperwork, all of the delay that may require… Let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on.”

However, when she’s dropping in the polls quickly as Harris and trying to score some quick campaign cash, her ‘progressive’ political values are apparently for sale. It is typical Democrat hypocrisy.

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