Whoa: House SHOCKER – Schiff REVERSED Without Warning…

A new Democrat witness who said he overheard a phone call between President Donald Trump and Ambassador Gordon Sondland the day after the president’s call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted in prepared remarks ahead of his testimony that he was drinking at the time and only heard part of the phone call.

David Holmes, an official at the U.S. embassy in Ukraine, was having dinner with Sondland and others when he overheard the phone call and that he was drinking wine at the time.

Holmes said that he could remember what was said even though he hadn’t taken notes of the part of the call he referred to at the time. He said that Trump asked Sondland whether Zelensky “would do the investigation” and Sondland said that Zelensky “loves your ass.”

In the remarks and a released transcript, Holmes was critical of Trump’s Ukraine policy and methods, even though he admitted that Trump gave much-needed aid to Ukraine that Obama had not.

That makes Holmes yet another witness that doesn’t really have much to add to the Democrats’ narrative. No wonder public impeachment hearing ratings are falling like a stone.

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