Whoa: Don Jr. STEPS IN – Defends Innocent Woman…

Donald Trump Jr. battled with George Conway on Twitter Friday after Conway responded to one of his tweets about the impeachment hearings with more attacks on President Donald Trump, saying that Conway “routinely & publicly embarrasses his wife,” Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway.

“America hired @realDonaldTrump to fire people like the first three witnesses we’ve seen. Career government bureaucrats and nothing more,” Trump Jr. tweeted Friday.

“Each of Taylor, Kent, and Yovanovitch has more intelligence, talent, integrity, decency, honor, and patriotism in each of their fingers than you and your father will ever have,” George Conway responded.

Trump Jr. fired back, “A guy who routinely & publicly embarrasses his wife by attacking her boss for the purpose of getting retweets and building his own brand is giving lectures on honor, integrity & decency…. You’re a disgrace.”

To which Conway responded, “By the way, I’m not building a brand because I’m not selling anything. And I’m not selling anything because I’ve worked for three decades at a job that my father didn’t get me.”

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