Whoa: ‘Black Vote’ Announcement Rocks White House

A new initiative by the Trump campaign seeks to bring more black voters into the fold by appealing to prominent African American Republicans to share President Donald Trump’s policy successes, Politico reported.

The African Americans for Trump Coalition overlooks tweets some are characterizing as racially divisive or even racist and focuses on the record-low black unemployment rate and other policies that have benefitted African Americans.

Trump knows that if he can gain even a few percentage points with blacks, especially black men, he can increase his support in battleground states that he only narrowly won in 2016. Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are some of these states that Trump won by razor-thin margins.

“Do I think some of his verbal formulations are inartful? Yeah,” said Ken Blackwell, the former mayor of Cincinnati, former Ohio secretary of state and an official during the Trump transition.. “But for me, as a domestic policy adviser during the Trump transition, it has been all about the agenda, a set of results and tomorrow. You have to believe his policy agenda flies in the face of the false narrative of the racist in charge.”

A July 31 poll showed that 80 percent of black voters consider Trump a racist. Trump, however, claims that large numbers of African Americans are calling the White House to thank him for his accomplishments on the economy and other areas.

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