Whoa: Attorney General’s Shock Border Wall Decision

President Trump stunned the media and Washington insiders by declaring a national emergency to obtain much-needed funds for the border wall — and now a powerful attorney general has made his decision on the plan.

Scolding the handful of Republicans opposing Trump’s move, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said, “They’re Congress, they delegated this authority. If they want to take it back, take it back, but don’t complain about the authority you’ve delegated.”

He continued by challenging the same Republicans to “go to the border and see what the real issues are and please do something.” Paxton surely knows that none of them will visit the crisis on our southern border; he’s just calling their bluff.

Regarding the border wall’s viability, Paxton said in a separate interview he’s “seen studies that the building of the wall is actually less expensive than what we’re having to spend on a regular basis for all of the different services that we’re having to provide.”

These services are an unfunded mandate from the federal government on Texas and other border states. “They’re the ones that are allowing this to occur, they’re abdicating their responsibility and then leaving us border states with the cost,” he said.

Reportedly, at least 10 Republican senators are planning to vote against President Trump’s emergency declaration, which would be a tragic mistake. It’s time for them to support American security or step aside for someone who will do the job.

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