BREAKING: Bombshell On Who Was SPYING On Donald Trump

President Trump was right all along, and even the Wall Street Journal is crying it from the mountaintops.

Recent John Durham court filings in the bombshell case against corrupt Hillary Clinton and her team have revealed that Clinton’s team “spied” on Donald Trump and his campaign.

Even if your name is Hillary Clinton, you should know you can’t do that.

The scandal is getting so big that even mainstream outlets are having to address it, with some doing a better job than others. The Wall Street Journal, for instance, seems to be telling the truth and calling out other outlets for not giving this situation the coverage it deserves.

This should be the biggest political story in the last ten years. Instead, the establishment media is sticking its head in the sand and waiting for it to go away. They would NEVER dare attack their darling Hillary.

Well, the Wall Street Journal thinks is about time they did.

“The press corps doesn’t usually support government spying, but when it comes to Donald Trump they are making an exception. The journalists who gave themselves prizes for pressing the Russia collusion narrative that turned out be false are now dismissing news that their narrative was inflated with false information collected by eavesdropping on Mr. Trump.”

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