White House TRAGEDY – Donald Trump Is…

Dan Smith of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said his research shows that North Korea could have up to 40 nuclear weapons by the end of the year.

Even while President Kim Jong Un has given lip service to denuclearization talks, Smith says, he has been continuing efforts to develop nukes. There have been no talks since they stalled in February over North Korean demands to the U.S. to lift sanctions against it.

Smith also said when talks resume, it will be important to define what denuclearization is. While for the U.S., it means that North Korea will get rid of all its nukes, Smith believes that North Korea defines it as the entire Korean peninsula being denuclearized.

For that to happen, the U.S. would likely need to withdraw its troops from South Korea.

Jong Un has said that he wants to resume talks within a month, or he may withdraw from the process altogether.

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