BREAKING: Shock Diagnosis Stuns Joe Biden – White House Takes Action…

Chinese media is often run by the Chinese government. That means, what you read in Chinese papers is generally the official stance of the Chinese government. They simply wouldn’t allow anything they disagree with to be printed.

This means that Joe Biden should be paying attention to reports he’s reading from China, as those articles are coming from the fat cats at the top of their communist regime.

So when China’s state-run Global Times gave Biden a failing grade for his first year in office, that was actually coming straight from the Chinese governments.

Needless to say, having one of your political enemies realize that you are weak and unstable is a dangerous thing.

The paper criticized Biden for “politicizing” COVID and trying to “contain” Beijing.

It should be noted that the paper did write some positive things about Sleepy Joe, crediting him with “some accomplishments, such as the passage of a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package and a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal.”

Yeah, communists WOULD love those, wouldn’t they?

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