BREAKING: Biden Incompetence Diagnosis Stuns White House – Nation Must…

A majority of respondents to Politico’s most recent poll truly believe that President Joe Biden is incapable to lead the country.

An incredible 51% of those surveyed do not believe Biden possesses the mental competence required to lead the country. 40% of people when so far as to say that they STRONGLY believe Biden is incapable of leading the country.

Just 22% of those surveyed strongly believe that Biden is mentally fit. Twenty-one percent of them believe that Biden is stable.

These numbers run in stark contrast to the opposite end of the spectrum, where 37% strongly disagree that Biden is mentally fit, and 36% Biden is not mentally stable.

Forget his ability to lead, though. Americans aren’t even sure Biden has what it takes to LIVE. Just 15% of voters say that Biden is in good health, compared to 32% of Americans that think Biden is NOT in good health.

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