White House RESIGNATION Notice – OH NO

The mainstream media is trying to convince Republicans to abandon President Trump in favor of Vice President Mike Pence.

With the whistleblower controversy that rocked D.C. and launched an impeachment inquiry, the media is creating pressure on Republicans to dump Trump for Pence.

This, of course, ignores the fact that the whistleblower story has all the makings of a media hoax and the impeachment inquiry is a politically driven farce.

Mike Pence is firmly behind his President and Republicans should be as well. There is no reason to consider Pence for the 2020 nomination.

Yet the media is pushing the story, aided by never-Trump Republicans. The reality is that Democrats chances of beating Trump in the election are fading fast. The field of Democrat candidates is a disaster and the political circus is only solidifying Americans views of Trump.

President Trump is the true representative of the people. He has been viciously attacked on all sides as he has taken a flamethrower to the swamp in D.C. Americans will remember how he is fighting for them when the polls open next November.

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