White House Resignation News – It’s Happening

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney will be staying despite the pressure for him to resign. He’s loyal to President Trump, and whether Trump really believes that he did a great job or not, Trump is showing his loyalty.

The controversy stems from a contentious press conference in which Mulvaney answered questions from reporters.

Mulvaney isn’t the press secretary, and was clearly out of his element taking a barrage of questions from a wolfish media crowd.

He failed to make it clear there was absolutely no “quid pro quo” with Ukraine, leading the media to pounce.

This was later corrected but nonetheless the talking heads went crazy and ran with the narrative.

Despite the rocky appearance, Mulvaney is staying, which is the right move. Trump needs stability in the White House, there is already too much chaos in Washington right now.

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