White House RESIGNATION Bombshell… Trump Had Enough

Trump says he fired National Security Advisor John Bolton. Bolton says he resigned. Who is right?

There are conflicting narratives coming out of the White House. And that’s not surprising, given the outspoken nature of the president and his former advisor.

Trump said he fired Bolton after a conversation on Iran. Bolton said he had sent in his resignation the night before, after Trump suggested easing sanctions on Iran.

Both narratives seem totally plausible. In the end, it isn’t important. What is important is that Bolton is gone and we need to know who will replace him.

We haven’t heard anything about a replacement just yet. Whoever it is will hopefully make sense for Trump, unlike Bolton.

Bolton was a Bush-era warhawk and was at odds with everything Trump campaigned on. Trump wanted to get out of wars and foreign conflicts. Bolton pushed for the opposite. It is better for America when people like Bolton don’t have power.

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