White House Notice – Worst Fears Confirmed

Despite the robust economy experienced under President Donald Trump’s tax cuts, Democrat Presidential candidates are united in their goal to destroy those tax cuts and the progress that has been made, according to IJR.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders have all said that the tax cuts would be history if they were elected. Instead, they would collect the tax money and use it to fund such things as universal health care, more government benefits for illegal immigrants, and free college tuition.

Under the Trump tax cuts, unemployment has reached lows not seen in decades. Businesses have used the tax cuts to create millions of jobs, and groups that previously experienced higher unemployment like women, Hispanics and African-Americans have seen historic lows.

The difference between tax cuts and government-funded programs is that money from tax cuts can generate more tax revenue when jobs are created and people buy more goods and services. Government-funded programs do not make the economy expand. Instead, the money is just used up.

Democrats are showing their economic ignorance when they favor government spending over individual and private business spending. They just want to give people “free” stuff with other people’s money, rather than giving people and businesses the tools to keep on making their own money and supporting themselves without depending on the government.

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