White House May Suppress Parts Of Mueller Report

There continue to be persistent rumors that Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation has nearly finished their work and will soon release a final report, possibly as quickly as February.

However, there is a chance that Congress and the general public may never see certain portions of that final report, as Bloomberg reported that White House attorney Rudy Giuliani revealed that President Donald Trump’s administration is considering using “executive privilege” to shield sensitive information related to Trump’s White House or transition team.

“We reserve the right. We don’t know if we have to, but we haven’t waived,” Giuliani told Bloomberg with respect to a potential declaration of executive privilege.

Federal law requires the special counsel submit a final report to the Justice Department, and though Democrats have insisted that they intend to publicly release the report — via subpoenas, if necessary — the decision to release the report resides fully within the realm of the administration and executive branch.

You can read the full story right here.

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