White House Firing Decision – He’s Been Replaced

A high-profile departure from the White House has already been replaced, and Trump fans are going to love this choice. Liberals everywhere are freaking out.

After officially accepting the resignation of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, President Trump took action immediately and nominated  Eugene Scalia, the son of the late and beloved Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Acosta resigned amidst rising scrutiny of his handling of the Jeffrey Epstein case when he was a U.S. attorney — which represented a brief political victory for the Democrats. But Trump turned the tables completely.

Eugene Scalia is a respected lawyer in his own right and a rising conservative star. In fact, as a private attorney, he pushed back against the Obama Administration’s insane labor rules by representing major clients in disputes with the government.

The 55-year-old comes highly recommended by his colleagues as well. Gregory Jacob with the internal law firm O’Melveny said, “There is no finer legal mind in the field of labor and employment law.”

He continued: “Gene knows the subject, knows the Department, and will bring his trademark energy and charisma to implementing sensible reforms to regulations.”

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