BREAKING: Joe Biden Officially Exposed – White House Scrambling To Protect…

It has been announced that the House Intelligence, Armed Services, and Foreign Affairs Committees announced in a letter to Joe Biden this week that his withdrawal from Afghanistan is going to be investigated, and that his administration needs to preserve all records on the issue.

Here’s part of the notice that was sent to the president:

The ongoing chaos in Afghanistan profoundly concerns the American people. The horrifying scenes on the ground and the resulting erosion of America’s worldwide geostrategic position raise troubling questions about your administration’s ability to competently manage a major foreign crisis.

As elected officials, our primary duty is to protect the American people. Thus, we were shocked to hear White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki declare that no Americans are stranded in Afghanistan.

We implore you to acknowledge that, in fact, thousands of Americans remain stranded in Afghanistan, and to do all in your power to locate and evacuate these U.S. citizens. Our nation has no higher priority at this moment in history.

Despite Biden promising that Afghanistan falling to the Taliban was “not inevitable,” that is EXACTLY what has happened.

With thousands of Americans now stranded behind American lines, it’s time for SOMEBODY to take action. If Joe Biden won’t do it, then this is an excellent step on the way to persuading him to do so.

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6 Responses

  1. First off Biden and Harris should be arrested already for dereliction of duty and Treason. His administration as a whole should be fired. If not jailed also how much does it take for the whimps of the republican party to start taking action this is pitiful it going to be up to the american people to fix our country.

  2. I agree with Sam, the Republican Party has become Whimps and in my eyes are also committing Treason, not putting a stop to these others that are committing it!!!

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