White House ALERT – Bill Clinton Has Been…

A White House alert was just issued. Former President Bill Clinton has been up to his old tricks again, and he all but confirmed a major rumor. This is stunning.

During an appearance at Georgetown Law with his politically-convenient wife, Hillary Clinton, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Bill revealed that Hillary could throw her hat into the ring once more.

“She may or may not ever run for anything, but I can’t legally run for president again,” said the former president. Hillary let out a slight chuckle, dutiful chuckle in response.

We cannot think for one moment that Bill’s comment was simply an off-hand, extemporaneous one. The Clintons plan everything. It is easy to imagine them rehearsing their talking points before every appearance.

Americans should not be surprised if Hillary decides to run for president for a third time. If she does, she will clear the field of all other Democrat candidates, including Joe Biden, and become her party’s nominee.

Trump supporters are ready for a re-match of 2016. Hillary will lose again, but this time she’ll even fail to get the popular vote. Judgement has already been passed on her leadership ability and her public image has only gotten worse.

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