Whistleblower’s Worst NIGHTMARE – Barr Is Doing It

If Real Clear Investigations is correct about the identity of the whistleblower, it’s possible that the individual in question may be a witness or be implicated in the investigation into how FISA warrants were obtained to spy on President Donald Trump.

The suspected whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, had a direct relationship with former CIA Director John Brennan and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, who were involved in getting the FISA warrants on Trump that led to the Mueller investigation.

In addition, Ciaramella is mentioned as a source in the footnotes of the Mueller report. Gregg Jarrett pointed out that whoever the whistleblower is, the fact that he didn’t have any firsthand information about the phone call means he doesn’t qualify as a whistleblower in the first place.

This means he doesn’t qualify for any federal protections, and his identity should be revealed.

“The United States has been thrown into an impeachment on the word of a political hack whose complaint should have been dismissed immediately,” Jarrett wrote.

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