Whistleblower OUTED – Now We Know The Truth

While we were all busy focusing on the story of the Ukraine call whistleblower, the intelligence community made an important and secret rule change.

The whistleblower’s story against President Trump turned out to be based on secondhand information. Whistleblower protections are supposed to exist only for employees who witness something wrong first hand.

The reason that this was the policy was to prevent whistleblowers with no evidence from making spurious claims and being protected by whistleblower laws.

Now we learn that according to a bombshell report from the Federalist, that rule was changed. As of 2018, whistleblowers who merely hear of wrongdoing can blow the whistle and face no repercussion. Why was the change made? And who was behind it?

This is a clear example of a deep state that exists in our nations highest levels of government. Now that anyone can get protections from whistleblower laws, expect more rumors and lies about the President to come out fast and furious.

We know the truth about the Ukraine story. But it has taken valuable time the President could use to work for the country. We can’t swing from rumor to rumor and have an impeachment inquiry every time someone says something. Congress needs to crack down on the deep state – before it’s too late.

Read the full story here.

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