Whistleblower DEVASTATED – Congress Is Doing It…

Members of Congress just stepped up in a major way, and the anti-Trump whistleblower is devastated. Democrats are furious that their plan is unraveling.

Republican Reps. Jim Jordan, Michael McCaul, and Devin Nunes are demanding that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff call upon the whistleblower and any accomplices to publicly testify.

Their letter to Schiff begins, “We are surprised by your announcement that the Committees will not receive testimony from the anonymous intelligence community employee whose complaint initiated the so-called impeachment inquiry.”

The congressmen also called out Schiff for choosing to “reverse course” — he initially promised that the whistleblower would make an appearance, but then changed his mind for political reasons.

After laying out their case, including that the whistleblower was not a “direct witness to most of the events described,” by the individual’s own admission, the congressmen made their expectations quite clear.

“We expect you to arrange for the Committees to receive the testimony of the employees and all individuals he or she relied upon in formulating the August 12th complaint” against President Trump.

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