BREAKING: Joe Biden HUMILIATES Himself – Doesn’t Know What Year…

If anyone out there is still wondering why America has completely lost faith in Joe Biden, look no further for your reason.

While giving a spiel about his ongoing fight against COVID, Biden asserted that there was reason to be hopeful moving forward in the year “2020.”

It is currently 2020.

Biden’s blunder didn’t seem to bother him, as he just went on parroting the usual liberal talking points about vaccinations at lockdowns. At least even he seemed aware that he was feeding us the same malarkey we’ve been hearing for over a year.

“I’m like an echo chamber here okay? I know it,” Biden said. “But repeating myself what Dr. Fauci said it very clearly: Booster shots work.”

He concluded by reminding us what horrors inevitably await us if we refuse his booster.

“You’ll experience severe illness in many cases if you get COVID-19 if you’re not unvaccinated. Some will die, needlessly die.”

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