BREAKING: Biden Makes MASSIVE Mistake On Live TV – White House Humiliated…

How many times does this have to happen before they stop labelling it a brain freeze or a brain fart and just call it Biden’s brain?

Recently, Dirty Joe Biden claimed that North Korea joined the United States to sanction Russian President Vladimir Putin.

They didn’t.

That means Joe was either confused, or lying.

He’s the American President, neither of those things should be happening.

But in Biden’s administration, this isn’t an exception. It’s the norm.

“Did anybody think that when I called for sanctions against Russia, that in addition to NATO that Australia, Japan, North Korea, and some of the ASEAN countries would stand up and support these sanctions?” Biden asked.

“We’re seeing the world align, not in terms of geography, East and West, Pacific and Atlantic, but in terms of values,” Biden finished.

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