BREAKING: Congress Drops War Notice – China Is FURIOUS…

Republican Brad Wenstrup, a Republican from Ohio, recently stopped by Fox to reveal a part of the Chinese government’s plan that is ALREADY happening.

According to Wenstrup, we are on the brink of a cyber war with China, in fact, it may have already begun. Meanwhile, China’s about to SERIOUSLY bolster their intelligence during the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Wenstrup called the games the “biggest intelligence-gathering gold mine” China could hope for.

“I’m glad to hear Christopher Wray as the FBI Director coming out and speaking to America. Hopefully, people understand the threat that China actually is. We’ve known this for several years, and they are getting more brazen, more egregious. They will hack. They’re involved in our universities. They steal our intellectual property. They try to engage with politicians. And the Olympics is just a stage for them to enhance in propaganda and also, I believe, it’s going to be one of their biggest intelligence-gathering gold mines that they could ever hope for on an international level. And that’s why we sent a letter to the Olympic Committee and it’s like, not only talk about perhaps telling people to bring a separate phone, a burner phone, we should be providing them with all the warnings, firewalls that we possibly can, be careful to even email to anyone.”

I mean, let’s face it,” he concluded. “In many ways, we are at war, maybe a cyberwar. It’s not one if by land and two if by sea, and then we go to the air, but this is cyber warfare and they would try to use it whenever they feel that they may be being deterred and also use it to push out propaganda and deny other people the right to free speech. There can be a lot of different ways that they try and do it, and I’m sure they’ve thought of many of them.”

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