War With Iran – Fox News Confirms It… [Developing]

“The United States came within minutes of war with Iran”, according to Tucker Carlson.

President Trump called off a possible airstrike at the last second upon hearing the predicted fatalities. The number was 150 Iranian lives.

Trump explained the decision by arguing that the destruction of an unarmed drone did not warrant this kind of disproportionate response.

Carlson claims an Iran war would cost trillions of dollars and thousands of lives. On top of that, he says, it would all but guarantee a loss for President Trump in 2020.

Carlson got it right when he said President Trump’s question on fatalities is one that is not asked enough when contemplating war.

Politics seems to have a blinding effect on people, distracting them from humanity. This is why it’s refreshing to see Mr. Trump’s decision regarding airstrikes in Iran.

Watch the full video here.

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