Scott Walker Gives Bad News to Welfare Abusers

Welfare programs have unfortunately led to generations of families addicted to government subsidies and handouts. Abusers of these programs hurt themselves and the taxpayers who fund them. To help ensure that the right people get help, and fewer people exploit American generosity, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is rolling out a long sought-after conservative reform: drug tests for those receiving food stamps.

Those who need welfare should be out looking for employment and using their time accordingly. It stands to reason that unemployed drug users are far less likely to get jobs and far more likely to stay on welfare. This hurts all involved and helps no one. Drug testing for welfare recipients is a simple solution with almost no downside. Well done, Gov. Walker. (Read More…)

British police foil terror plot to assassinate Prime Minister in her home

Two men in England were just arrested while in the planning stages of an assassination plot against British Prime Minister Theresa May. Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman and Mohammed Aqib Imran, if not migrants themselves, were likely the children of recent migrants. But mass immigration is completely benign, right liberals?

Thankfully, President Trump has enacted temporary travel bans to help prevent these sorts of issues in the United States. Americans already have our own problems here. Do we really need to import more?  (Read More…)

John Conyers resigned immediately after woman accused him of assaulting her in church

Life just continues to get worse for Democrat Rep. John Conyers of Michigan. His reputation has been completely destroyed due to a growing body of credible sexual harassment and assault allegations. The newest allegation comes from Elisa Grubbs, a former employee of Conyers. Grubbs says that, while the two were in the front-row pew at a church, the Representative ran his hands up her thigh under her skirt. You’re a real class act, Representative!

Immediately following Grubbs’ allegations, Conyers announced his very overdue resignation from Congress. His son, John Conyers III, who was arrested for domestic abuse this year, has announced that he’ll be running for his father’s seat. In the Democrat-controlled district, young Conyers has a good chance. We’ll see how far the apple falls from the tree. (Read More…)

Trump admin deploys B1-B bombers to Korean Peninsula

Just in case Rocket Man was curious about America’s resolve, President Trump just sent him another greeting card. This one comes in the form of B1-B bombers, the ‘backbone’ of America’s long-range bomber force. These incredible war machines handle like fighter jets while carrying the largest payloads of guided and unguided munitions in the entire Air Force. That might make a certain dictator a little nervous.

If Kim Jong Un keeps it up, he’ll see what those bombers can really do. (Read More…)

Chelsea Handler says Sarah Sanders has ‘whore lipstick all over her face’ in obscene rant

This week’s exhibit in liberal tolerance is Chelsea Handler, who recently commented that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, has “whore lipstick” on her face. Is this what the Left calls feminism? Handler also referred to Sanders as a ‘trollop’ and a ‘harlot,’ because that’s how people on the left treat people with whom they disagree.

Mike Huckabee, Sarah’s father, called Handler “bitter, vile, and lonely.” Those are probably generous terms for Handler, but they’ll do. For those still wondering why the culture wars are being fought, this is Exhibit A. (Read More…)

Sean Hannity: Mueller team’s conduct is ‘something you’d expect in a Banana Republic’

Sean Hannity tells it like it is. Last night on his show he devoted most of his program to exposing how Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is biased, unaccountable and unjust. Hannity laid out how Mueller, and more importantly those around him, are politically motivated operatives out to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.

In the last week, we’ve learned about Peter Strzok, who was involved in multiple key investigations relating to President Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the 2016 presidential election. Strzok helped rescue Clinton from her flagrant mishandling of classified information and was caught sending anti-Trump text messages to his mistress. Andrew Weissman, an attorney assigned to the Mueller probe was also caught praising Sally Yates, the former Deputy Attorney General who refused to enforce Trump’s temporary travel ban.

Clearly, this is not the stuff of which impartial investigations are made. (Read More…)

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