BREAKING: Biden Makes Constitutional Change Announcement – Voters Stunned…

Joe Biden recently made an announcement that actually shocked America with his claim that the United States Constitution was “always evolving” in his public remarks when meeting with Senate Judiciary leaders.

Yeah the Constitution can evolve, but not because Joe Biden says so.

This is a problem among Joe Biden, and liberals in general. Instead of follow due process, they believe that kicking and screaming long enough makes their beliefs into law.

After the remark, Biden ignored questions from reporters and grinned at the press as he was escorted out.

Constitutional attorney Ken Klukowski, who served in the Trump White House, responded:

“President Biden’s claim that the Constitution evolves contradicts the reason America has a written Constitution. Justice Antonin Scalia famously explained our Constitution is in writing because written words do not change over time. When the American people decide change is warranted, they amend the Constitution through their elected leaders, not have it imposed on them by unelected judges.”

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