BREAKING: J.D. Vance Diagnosis Put Voters In Shock [Developing]

Republican Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance recently sat down for a Newsmax town hall meeting on April 20.

While there, he diagnosed a big problem in America:

Leaders of the United States have drained middle Americans of their ability to be self-sufficient, hoping to make them depend on the government for their future needs.

“People prosper when they have good jobs that support families, not when they just sit at home and get a check from the government, what happened to Dayton and what happened to Toledo and Middletown, and so many states, is that our leaders decided we don’t need to make stuff here anymore.”

“The steel that we rely on in our buildings, the computer chips that are in everything now, from appliances to phones to cars, the pharmaceuticals that our kids take, all of this stuff is now mainly made overseas by people who don’t like us,” Vance said. “What happened is a lot of middle-class communities lost the good jobs that support families.”

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