BREAKING: Donald Trump Bombshell Stuns South Carolina – Voters Are…

It would appear that, yet again, the person endorsed by Trump is going to win their primary.

South Carolina state Representative Russel Fry, a Republican, currently leads Representative Tom Rice by almost 20%.

Rice shouldn’t feel too bad about losing to Russel Fry, as everybody else in the race is getting annihilated by Trump’s man as well.

Fry has captured the hearts of South Carolinians by addressing a lot of the issues that politicians in their neck of the woods often fail to address, such as border security.

According to Fry, he’s not going to stand for that, as border security MUST be one of the “platform features of the new conservative majority.”

Fry hasn’t won yet, but it sure sounds like he’s going to.

It’s good to know he’ll be ready once the job is his.

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