Voter fraud confirmed

We are frequently told by those on the Left that voter fraud isn’t an issue. According to the media, any efforts that Republicans make to secure the electoral process are considered tantamount to preventing eligible voters from voting. Even something as simple as requiring voters to furnish an ID card when they come out to vote is portrayed by them as “racist.”

Well, it turns out that voter fraud actually exists! Two people, one in Colorado and the other in Kansas, were recently caught for having voted twice in the presidential election. 

Little is known about the propensity for voter fraud because the information collected by electoral authorities is so scanty. President Trump opened a commission to look into the issue, but states refused to comply. Because states are responsible for running their own elections, the federal government only has so much power and Trump was forced to close the commission. Still, the steady trickle of small voter fraud cases serves as a reminder of the larger problem looming beneath the surface. (Read More…)

Meryl Streep attacks First Lady Melania to distract from her own scandal

Meryl Streep may be or at least may have been a great actress, but she’s really impossible to stomach now. Like most of the hypocrites who extract their wealth from Hollywood, Streep seems to feel the need to broadcast her political opinions at every opportunity. The overly romanticized new Nixon movie Streep co-stars in, The Post, is being fawned over by the Left.

That’s because liberals really wish they could bring down Trump, just like Nixon, only without evidence of misconduct this time. At a press conference for the movie, Streep was questioned about her silence with regard to Harvey Weinstein. In characteristic lefty fashion, Streep deflected and said she wanted instead to hear about “Melania’s silence.”

How about this, Meryl. Melania is entirely irrelevant to your shameful tolerance of the absolutely revolting human being that is Harvey Weinstein. Rather than change the subject, you should apologize for how you enabled him. You and your Hollywood friends are all complicit, and the rest of us are absolutely fed up with your hypocritical self-righteousness. (Read More…)

Robert Mueller’s investigation is now targeting Ivanka Trump

The hunt continues. Without having found a shred of evidence that President Trump colluded with Russians and even less proof that any Russian interference was responsible for the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, Mueller is shifting his focus. He’s now moving on to Trump’s children.

Donald Trump Jr. is being investigated for a meeting held in Trump tower with a Russian attorney — the details of which are pretty sparse so far. Now, Ivanka is thought to be in the FBI’s crosshairs. Ivanka did not sit with Trump Jr. and the attorney, but at least one account of the meeting has her greeting her brother and the Russian.

So there it is folks, the new attempt at Mueller proving collusion: Ivanka greeted a Russian. Call the presses. (Read More…)

Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been arrested in Iran

In some strange and very interesting news, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the predecessor to current Iranian President Rouhani, was arrested. According to multiple news sources in the Middle East, Ahmadinejad was arrested for some of the statements he made about Rouhani.

For instance, he allegedly claimed that the government is disconnected from the people and President Rouhani is mismanaging the country. This sort of sentiment spawned counter-protests (in favor of Ahmadinejad’s faction) in opposition to those that were sparked last week against the theocratic Ayatollah Khameini and his hardline regime.

The situation is very confusing, but what we’re seeing is the more ‘liberal’ forces (in the classic sense) fighting back against the ultra-conservative theocratic ones. There’s no telling exactly what will happen, but we can be sure that whatever the outcome, it will determine Iran’s future. (Read More…)

Plan released to have Trump declared mentally unfit, removed from office

Liberal hubris is astounding. Rosa DeLauro, a far-left congresswoman from Connecticut, recently hosted Yale professor Bandy Lee at an event to discuss President Trump’s mental health. Lee delivered her ‘enlightened’ opinion that Trump is unstable, needs to be forcefully diagnosed, and then removed from office. She’s concerned that it might “look like a coup,” however. You think so?

It just occurred to you, Professor Lee, that forcefully removing a democratically-elected president might look like a violent overthrow? You might just be right! Instead of spouting off about the President, why don’t you adhere to your profession’s standard of ethics and refrain from making pronouncements about someone you’ve never met, let alone medically diagnosed?

Do us all a favor and stay in your ivory tower, the rest of the world is trying to get things done. (Read More…)

Trump announces he’s open to talking with Kim Jong Un – under certain conditions

President Trump hasn’t let the North Korean President, Kim Jong Un, get away with any of his nonsense. He’s called him on his provocative acts, threatened to respond if Kim crosses the line, and thrown some rhetorical haymakers in Rocket Man’s direction.

Demonstrating his resolve and simultaneous willingness to engage with the regime, Trump has said that he’s willing to enter into diplomatic discussions with Kim. That is, of course, with some preconditions. Those conditions were not named.

Some speculate one condition might be for Kim to demonstrate North Korea has ceased pursuing its nuclear weapons program. What’s particularly important here is that Trump is showing Kim that he doesn’t get to sit at the big kid’s table unless he acts like one. (Read More…)

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